Information about Occupy National Gathering 2014


Lend, sell, help, share RIDES, SUPPLIES & MORE #mutualaid

The Occupy National Gathering 2014 Sharetribe is a place where the members of our community can share requests or offers for goods, services, rides, housing and spaces for the Occupy National Gathering 2014 in Sacramento, California July 31 - Aug. 3.

Gifting societies assume essential resources such as sunlight, water, food and shelter are abundant...The assumption of abundance allows us to create an economy where we draw on and enrich the community's recources. Who is the Community?  Occupy Sacramento, online working groups organizing the gathering, and anyone who supports social and economic justice and would like to support a gathering of Occupy in Sacramento this year while supporting local #grassroots communities.
Engage in the gifting economy: post ride shares  or offer housing to natgat travelers,  donate needed supplies for the event by supporting local #grassroots collectives and vendors.

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